Monday, 2 May 2011

Throw It All Away

During the late 90s, I came across an American Alternative Rock band Toad The Wet Sprocket which was around for not very long and was quickly disbanded, to my disappointment. I just loved their brilliant songs, with clever embedding elements of Buddhist philosophy and wisdom.

I haven't listen to their songs for ages but I don't know why, recently my mind suddenly recalled one of their songs Little Man Big Man, which I'd really liked. I just gave a listen to it again tonight.

I guess after a decade, my mind still hasn't come to terms with the questions in the song. What am I, really? Where is the beast lying? Is there a beast hiding?  

Another song I'd really love was Throw It All Away. Maybe it's time for me to throw away some stories I'd been sold, especially the ones I'd been telling to myself. I guess this is the end. Start over again.

Help me empty out this house
What I've gathered all these days
And thought I couldn't do without
And throw it all away 

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